Sheer Vertical Shades垂直柔紗簾


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  • 由輕柔的窗紗和垂直簾片結合而成的垂直柔紗簾。橫向開合。揉合窗紗的輕柔優美及遮光布料的功能。透過葉片不同開合角度,能夠達到多層次引光與遮蔽的效果,收合簡單,方便走動進出特別適用於落地玻璃窗、露台等大型窗戶。方便走動進出 !呈現出優雅簡約的風格。將優美的外觀與實用功能完美結合。
  • Sheer Vertical Shades formed by combining soft window screen and vertical curtain sheet . It is horizontal opening and closing, which blends the soft and graceful window screen and the function of shading cloth. Through the different opening and closing angles of the blades, the multi-level light attracting and shielding effects can be achieved, the folding and closing are simple, and the blades are convenient to move in and out, and are especially suitable for large windows such as floor-to-floor glass windows, balconies and the like. It is easy to move in and out! It presents an elegant and simple style and has perfect combination of beautiful appearance and practical function.

產品優點 | Product advantage


Soft and comfortable entering light


The soft wave window screen can effectively filter dazzling sunlight and make the light entering the house more evenly distributed. It increases the feeling of comfort and softness, and at the same time helps to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging indoor furniture and floors, which can make better use of sunlight. When you close the curtains to block the sunlight, you can also see the scenery outside the window, maintain visual permeability and reduce the use of electric lights. While effectively saving energy consumption, it can also easily enjoy a comfortable environment.

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Simple and elegant design details


Sheer Vertical Shades composed of soft gauze and vertical blades. The operation is quiet and smooth, which gives people a soft, concise and elegant atmosphere. In addition to functionality, NORA focuses on the overall aesthetic feeling and unique built-in top groove design. When the curtain is completely folded, the curtain cloth and the bottom groove are completely hidden in the top groove, which make the appearance neat, meticulous and perfect.

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