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  • 垂直簾採用左右擺葉式結構,簾片可作180度旋轉。從不同角度調節光綫。滿足您不同引光和遮光需要,操作輕鬆簡易。適用於超寬窗戶。垂直簡約的線條、豐富的色系選擇,是寫字樓和辦公場所的首選。
  • The vertical blinds adopts the left and right swing blade structure, and the curtain sheet can rotate 180 degrees. It can be adjusted the light from different angles to meet your different needs, and the operation is easy and simple. It is suitable for ultra-wide windows. Vertical and simple lines and rich color choices are the first choice for office buildings and offices.




Excellent lighting and ventilation

跟百葉簾往上下水平調節光綫不同,垂直簾的光線調整角度是左右方向。簾片可從0度至180度旋轉。輕鬆調節不同的遮光角度。使室內環境佈置更顯和諧舒適 ,可因應不同場合和環境需要 ,給你不同程度的私隱保護。用簾片調節光線的另一優點就是通風能力良好。

Unlike the louver curtain, which adjusts the light horizontally up and down, the vertical curtain adjusts the light angle in the left and right direction. The curtain can be rotated from 0 to 180 degrees, and easily adjust different shading angles. It can make the indoor environment layout more harmonious and comfortable, and give you different degrees of privacy protection according to different occasions and environmental needs. Another advantage of using curtain sheets to adjust light is good ventilation.



Suitable for ultra-wide windows

垂直簾可適用於超長軌道,單幅寬度可接近20尺,用於超寬窗戶上整體觀感會比較一致。左右開合的使用方式,靈活方便 , 日常走動進出落地玻璃窗、露台等地方亦不會阻礙。縱使應用在超寬窗戶,依然能輕鬆進行開合和調教簾片角度。

Vertical curtains can be applied to ultra-long tracks, and the single width can be close to 20 feet, so the overall look and feel on ultra-wide windows will be relatively consistent. The use mode of left and right opening and closing is flexible and convenient, and daily walking in and out of floor glass windows, terraces and other places will not be hindered. Even if it is applied to ultra-wide windows, it can still easily open and close and adjust the curtain angle.


簡約線條 幾乎不佔空間

Simple Shape take up little space.

垂直簾線條簡約,NORA的垂直簾更有多種顔色可供選擇 ,適用於各種不同風格的空間。由於產品所佔空間極小,寫字樓垂直簾應用在玻璃隔斷上亦非常普遍,打開時整齊劃一,垂直美觀 。

Vertical curtain lines are simple. NORA’s vertical curtain has a variety of colors to choose from, which is suitable for various styles of space. Due to the extremely small space occupied by the products, the vertical curtain of office buildings is also very common in glass partitions, which is uniform and vertical and beautiful when opened.


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