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  • 布簾是最傳統典雅的簾子款式。不同的材質、紋理、顏色、圖案等綜合起來就形成了不同風格的布簾,配合不同風格的室內設計製作成簾子,讓房間更加美觀。傳統的布簾背後需添加塗層以達到遮光效果。但經長期的日曬容易釋放有害異味,影響健康。NORA的全遮光窗簾材料一體成型。陽光面料無需添加塗層仍達到全遮光效果 !比傳統的産品更輕盈、更簡約。針對超寬窗户,布簾的開合依然輕盈易舉。您更可按個人喜好選用不同的路軌或藝術簾桿,配搭出獨一無二的風格。
  • Cloth curtain is the most traditional and elegant curtain style. Different materials, textures, colors, and patterns are combined to form different styles of cloth curtains, which make the interior space full of personality with different styles of interior design.The traditional cloth curtain needs to be coated behind them to achieve shading effect. However, is easy to release harmful odor after long-term sun exposure which affects health. Full shading curtain material of NORA is integrally formed. Full shading effect can be achieved without coating! It is lighter and simpler than traditional products. For ultra-wide windows, the opening and closing of the cloth curtain are still light and easy to lift. You can also choose different tracks or artistic curtains according to your personal preferences and match them with a unique style.

產品優點 | Product ADVANTAGES

配搭千變萬化 . 滿足不同場景需求

MMatching is ever-changing so as to meet the needs of different scenes.

布簾可透過沿窗軌道貼合窗型,除一般平直的窗型外; 轉角窗、弧型窗、U型窗等特殊的窗型亦可採用可彎型軌道。靈活性高 。每論是用於睡房的全遮光窗簾或是用於客廳的半遮光窗簾配窗紗。NORA 一直搜羅全球不同款式的優質布料,如西班牙、澳洲、英國等任您挑選。不同的材質可達透光、半遮光、全遮光效果。您可因應不同的空間需要,挑選不同的款式 , 波浪及軌道。

The cloth curtain can be attached to the window type along the window track, except for the generally straight window; Bendable tracks can also be used for special window types such as corner windows, arc windows and U-shaped windows with high flexibility. NORA has been collecting different styles of high-quality fabrics from all over the world, such as Spain, Australia and Britain. Each theory is full shading curtains for bedrooms or half shading curtains for living rooms with window screens. Different materials can achieve light transmission, semi-shading and full shading effects. You can choose different styles, waves and tracks according to different space needs.

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Strong shading and noise reduction


The cloth used by the full shading curtain covers a large area, which has strong shading power. It can effectively prevent light leakage on the inclined side of the window, and achieve extremely black shading effect. You can choose a slightly thicker cloth curtain to absorb some external noise, which can provide you with a quieter indoor space. The wave of the cloth curtain also creates a thermal insulation layer. The larger the wave space, the more obvious the thermal insulation effect.

無懸掛繩索 安心使用

Child Safety

NORA 著重每個產品細節。產品除了可以選擇以拉繩控制開合外。亦可選擇使用電動系統操作代替拉繩進行開合以減低潛在風險。。若您希望以拉繩操作同時降低相關隱患。可以安裝外置的「拉繩幼兒安全固定器」。NORA非常樂意為您效勞。

NORA focuses on the details of each product. In addition to the option of pulling rope to control the opening and closing of the product, alternatively, electric system operation can be used instead of pulling rope for opening and closing to reduce potential risks. It can provide simple and safe use for families with young children and pets. If you wish to operate with a pull rope while reducing related hidden dangers, an external “pull rope child safety fixer” can be installed. NORA is very happy to be at your service.

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