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  • 斑馬簾/調光簾透過簾布和紗布捲動時的交疊、交錯從而輕鬆調節室外光綫入室程度。從而獲得最舒適的日光。當紗布跟紗布重叠時,除了可以柔和入室光綫外,空氣亦可以對流。達至通風又透光的效果。當簾布和簾布重叠時,可遮光及保護隱私。簡約的綫條配搭,營造出令人難忘的時尚觀感。讓窗飾也能展現空間趣味。
  • Zebra Blinds can easily adjust the degree of outdoor light entering the room through the overlapping and staggering of curtain cloth and gauze when rolling, so as to obtain the most comfortable sunlight. When the gauze overlaps with the gauze, in addition to soft light entering the room, air can also convect to achieve the effect of ventilation and light transmission. When the curtain cloth and the curtain cloth overlap, it can shade the light and protect the privacy. Simple lines are matched to create an unforgettable fashion look and feel. Let window decorations also show space interest.


功能卓越 配搭豐富

Excellent functions and rich matching


Through the overlapping and staggering of window screens and curtain fabrics, privacy can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different environments. NORA’s zebra curtain has a lot of colors, which can basically match interior spaces designed in different styles. The simple and generous lines can present a variety of visual interlaced aesthetic feeling, and often bring unexpected surprises.


柔和光綫 節省空間

Soft light . Saves space

斑馬簾/調光簾的光影層次豐富,能調節入室內的光源多少,斑馬簾/調光簾採用平面上下收放的方式,不會浪費太多室內寶貴的空間。為您營造更寬趟舒適的環境。亦適合因位置所限制的小窗户。NORA 斑馬簾價錢合理,所以不單為您節省空間,還可以為您節省預算。

Zebra blinds has rich light and shadow levels, which can adjust the number of light sources entering the room. The sunlight will become extremely soft, presenting a light and natural light feeling, which can make the background of the indoor space simple and show the characteristics of furniture. Zebra blinds is folded up and down in a plane, which will not waste too much valuable indoor space and can create a wider and more comfortable environment for you. It is also suitable for small windows limited by location. NORA zebra curtain is reasonable in price, so it can not only save you space, but also save you budget.

容易打理 輕鬆除塵

Easy to take care of and remove dust easily.


Zebra blinds is mainly made of polyester fiber, and the product is not easy to be stained with dust and has few dust mites. It is very convenient to take care of everyday. It can be kept clean by electrostatic dust remover or wiping with dry cloth, especially suitable for families or people who are concerned about allergens.

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