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  • 百葉簾用途廣泛。經典幼細的簾片能為窗户提供最簡潔的外觀。百搭易襯。只需透過控制簾片角度,便能輕鬆調節不同入室光線角度。NORA提供多種不同顏色和材質以供選擇。儘管鋁質、木同屬百葉簾類型,但能給您截然不同的感覺。 備有隱藏拉繩孔,避免太陽光綫漏入室內。
  • Venetian blinds are widely used. It can provide the most concise appearance for windows, which is versatile and easy to match. It is easy to adjust the angle of different entering light by gently twisting the light dim stick. NORA offers a variety of different colors and materials. Although aluminum and wooden belong to the venetian blind type, they can give you a completely different feeling. Hidden rope holes are provided to prevent sunlight from leaking into the room.

產品優點 | product advantage


Superior dimming effect

不用擔心空間朝向的煩惱。不管東西南北曬,總能把光線調控在最舒適的狀態。逆時針轉動簾片,把光線向上逆打,產生間接光源的效果。西斜時,可以進光卻不直曬,不會阻礙光線入室同時,卻能保護室內的私隱。透景,即使捲簾拉下,光線自室外徐徐進入室內,維持自然光。還能看到戶外景致,保持視覺通透感。一般應用在只需降低光綫直射但毋須完全遮光的空間。深受餐廳,銀行, 零售行業等歡迎。

Don’t worry about the orientation of the space. No matter the direction, the light can always be controlled in the most comfortable state. Turn the curtain plate counterclockwise to hit the light upward and backward, resulting in the effect of indirect light source. When it is inclined to the west, it can enter the light but not directly bask in the sun, which will not hinder the light from entering the room, but at the same time it can protect the privacy of the room. Even if the rolling shutter is pulled down, the light slowly enters the room from the outside to maintain natural light. You can also see outdoor scenery and maintain visual transparency. It is generally used in spaces where direct light only needs to be reduced but no complete shading is required. It is very popular in restaurants, banks and retail industries.

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Super ventilation effect


No matter how wide it is covered, it can still maintain good ventilation effect. The gaps in the blades can be ventilated to accelerate the evaporation of water vapor. It is applicable for toilets, kitchens and other places with high humidity.


Rich color selection


Venetian Blinds has a variety of color choices. No matter whether it is neutral color or natural color, it is also very integrated with any style, which can strengthen the indoor theme and overall look and feel. Simple and pleasing design is also the most durable style. No age seems outdated.

款式選項 | Design Options



Wooden Venetian Blinds


The eternal classic wooden Venetian Blinds adds a natural, simple and unique flavor to the home. Natural wooden grain creates a warm and elegant scroll atmosphere for the home. NORA wooden venetian blinds is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Among them, “Korea Ultra-Light Wooden Blinds” is lighter than expected and can be easily used.

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Aluminium venetian blinds


NORA’s aluminium venetian blinds are specially heated and have good bending resistance. It can prevent deformation and durable. The louvre blades are treated with baking varnish coating. It has good waterproof, antirust, mildew-proof and antistatic functions, as well as easy to manage.

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