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Honeycomb blinds is made of polyester. The material is as thin as paper, which is very light. It feels very elegant to hang from the window. No matter on or off, it is also very convenient, making dimming easier. When opened, it was quiet and full of Japanese free and easy style. It subverts the traditional opening and closing method. It can only move up and down. The honeycomb curtain can be controlled up, middle and down, which can meet your different needs for sunlight and privacy. Manual/electric system can also be selected. Honeycomb special air layer design can prevent external cold and hot air from entering the room, which can effectively make the comfortable feeling of warm winter and cool summer.


產品優點 | product advantage


Space Saving

輕巧與節省空間亦是蜂巢簾的一大特式。收叠後體積可以縮到非常小 (如高度250cm收叠後厚度可以只剩15cm (視乎產品及安裝要求)。因為它的主結構是中空,所以它的重量也是十分輕巧,使用起來更顯靈活。

Lightness and space saving are also a special style of honeycomb blinds. The volume after stacking can be reduced to very small (e.g. the height can be 250cm and the thickness after stacking can be only 15cm depending on the product and installation requirements). Because the main structure is hollow, its weight is also very light and it is more flexible.




Honeycomb blinds has unique design with hollow honeycomb air chamber structure. It has the effects of heat insulation and heat preservation, which makes the indoor environment warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the remarkable thermal insulation function, no more electricity is needed to maintain the indoor temperature. While effectively saving energy, it can also easily enjoy a comfortable environment.

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Absorb Sound


Honeycomb air chamber design also has excellent sound insulation effect. It helps to reduce the influence of noise outside the window on the room, which provides you with a quieter space.

款式選項 | designer options


上下合式蜂巢簾 | Top-Down/Bottom-Up


Offers the ability to operate shades from the top down , the bottom up or in combination to provide privacy while still allowing for natural light.

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日夜蜂巢簾 | Day and night honeycomb Blinds


Honeycomb blinds which combines light transmission and light shielding materials, can adjust the proportion of light transmission and light shielding as required to meet the needs of different times. It is especially suitable for installation in bedrooms.

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