Electric Curtains & Shutters電動窗簾

智慧聯動 享受智能生活帶來的便利和舒適

  • 窗簾是所有家庭中的必備。它在裝飾上也有重要的作用。最初作為遮陽和保護私隱的窗飾也因為電機的引用更方便使用。無論選擇任何類型的窗飾,例如捲簾、百葉簾、蜂巢簾、斑馬簾又或是最傳統的款式,亦可使用電動系統操作。只要輕按一下,即使多窗都可以同時打開及閉合。方便快捷。依據窗戶需求。電機可以正、反轉運行或上、下運行。您亦可根據使用的需要,預約定時開關。除了直接透過電源驅動外,NORA亦有無線充電系統驅動可供選擇。免除重新佈線煩惱。沒有雜亂的電綫,方便您進行窗飾安裝、操控和保養等。由於電池盒收納於窗飾頂槽後面,因此不會影響整體窗飾的美感。相容多種智能傢俱系統。令用戶可享受優質的智能家居一體化操作。
  • Curtain is a must in all families. It also plays an important role in decoration. The window decoration originally used as sunshade and privacy protection is also more convenient to use due to the introduction of electric motors. No matter what type of window decoration you choose, such as roller curtain, louver curtain, honeycomb curtain, zebra curtain or the most traditional style, you can also use electric system to operate. With a single click, even multiple windows can be opened and closed at the same time, which is convenient and fast. According to the requirements of the window. The motor can run in forward and reverse directions or up and down. You can also reserve a timing switch according to your needs.

電機5年保養 + 100日換新保證

5-year maintenance of motor + 100-day renewal guarantee

只要在NORA訂購及安裝電動窗簾(不限窗簾類别)。選擇安裝指定電機。 除享有5年超長保養期外,自安裝日起100日內,在乎合使用說明書、使用標簽等正常情況使用下發生故障。NORA 將會免費為您更換全新電機。所有安裝及拆除費用亦由我們承擔。給您雙倍信心保証

Just ordering and installing electric curtains (no curtain category) at NORA, you can select to install the specified motor. In addition to enjoying an ultra-long maintenance period of 5 years, within 100 days from the date of installation, failure occurs under normal conditions such as operating instructions and labels.

NORA will replace the new motor for you free of charge. All installation and removal costs will also be borne by us. We can give you double confidence guarantee!


* The operating system and installation effect of different motors are also different. Some motor products may not fully provide all the above functions. We will suggest the most suitable professional scheme for electric operation according to customer needs and site environment.


很多客戶亦擔心在窗戶附近沒有預留電源位置而未能安裝電動操作智能家居系統。NORA 擁有大量的專業電動方案經驗,為您解決不同安裝上的問題。輕鬆享受高品質的家居生活。我們引進各國品牌的電機,包括法國、美國、中國和義大利等。為您提供更豐富的選擇。

Many customers are also worried that there is no reserved power supply position near the window and the electric operation smart home system cannot be installed. NORA has a great deal of professional experience in electric solutions to solve different installation problems for you. You can easily enjoy high-quality home life. We have introduced brands of motors from various countries, including France, the United States, China and Italy to provide you with a richer choice.

我們為您提供更多電機的選擇 | Multiple motor options